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DINKY Guides are written with the reader in mind. That sounds silly doesn’t it? Fairy obvious – no? But it’s amazing reading features, articles and content on the internet that has been written for everything but the reader! Some will be to fool search engines for better visibility. Some to suit the writer because of their commitments or promises to a fee-paying participant. The fact is, DINKY seems to have adopted a rather unusual business model that actually encourages and motivates our registered writers into delivering exactly what we claim to provide:

Independent, impartial, quality destination information delivered in an engaging way.

Our extensive terms & conditions ensure overall good practice and etiquette from our writers who will have all gone through a due-diligence process to qualify and substantiate their claims of professionalism and career heritage.

They are encouraged to write in their own style and within the self-created brand that they may well have become known for.

The moral of this story is that we don’t manipulate. We don’t unduly edit. We don’t deceive and we don’t dictate to our respected writers. What we do is try to create a community relationship between highly qualified and experienced field experts and those interested in their expertise.

We’re sure you’ll find each and every DINKY Guide unique, engaging and interesting and will equally soon find your favourite writers to check back with regularly for their next DINKY upload.