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Our Editors

Just like our writers, our editors maintain the objective principle that DINKY Guides are written with the reader in mind. It’s not a difficult job really, thanks to our professional writers, because we already know everyone is on the same wave-length. Unusually, we run a happy ship here in a positive atmosphere and permanently excited ambiance.

Ok, occasionally, we might need to tweak a word or two here and there but almost all of our editors spend most of their time enjoying the amazing articles we receive daily.

Editors also spend time undertaking the necessary due-diligence in establishing that each and every one of our writers is cracked up to be what they say they are. We don’t judge on the writing styles or author brand – only on the overall history, qualifications, experience and authority to stake our claim to the reader that they are receiving what they came to the website for:

 Independent, impartial, quality destination information delivered in an engaging way.

We’re sure you’ll find each and every DINKY Guide unique, engaging and interesting.