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When You Don’t Want The Holiday To Stop: Options For Working Abroad

14/10/2016 – 16:59

Photo via PixaBay
The world is more open to us than it has ever been. We can travel from country to country, holidaying and soaking up life far away from the things we know. For most, …

Have a fabulous San Francisco Adventure

15/01/2016 – 19:02

By Alicia Baker
There is something comforting about the idea of San Francisco. You feel as if you should know it. It is familiar through so many images. image by
Of course, there is that bridge, Alcatraz, the trolleys …

Escape to Florida’s romantic Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

20/09/2012 – 18:56
Catch at sunset

By Kate McWilliams
Those who imagineFloridato be filled with families, crowded beaches and theme parks and an unlikely destination for a romantic getaway will be surprised by a visit to The Beaches of Fort Myers & …

Windjammer Landing’s gold medal package saves visitors on Caribbean St Lucia

25/02/2012 – 13:33

By Nina Zapala
While the UK in 2012 will be attracting visitors worldwide for the London Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II, many Brits will be heading for the sun soaked beaches …

From mojitos to museums – Miami has it all

23/10/2011 – 18:10

By Emma Dance
Miami has had a bit of bad press over the years. TV shows such as Miami Vice, and more recently CSI Miami, have painted the city as a grimy, crime-ridden den of iniquity. …

Going Round the Big Bend in Texas, USA

31/08/2010 – 19:14

By Rupert Parker
Named after the great curve in the Rio Grande River, the Big Bend region, on the border with Mexico, is one of the last remnants of America’s Wild West.  Whether you’re rafting down …

A breeze in Belize – Part 3

24/03/2010 – 15:13

By Rupert Parker
Mayan Cave Adventure
I left Belize City on a “chicken bus” bound for the highlands.  On the radio, the President was giving his Independence Day address and his theme was peace and love.  He …

A breeze in Belize – Part 2

21/03/2010 – 20:12

By Rupert Parker – Part 2 of a series
Caribbean Barrier Reef
What most people come to Belize for are the Cays, coral islands that run the 150 mile length of the country, rivaling Australia’s Great Barrier …