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Experience the Finnish lifestyle in Tampere

05/09/2011 – 19:11

By Emma Dance
You’ve probably never heard of Tampere. Most people haven’t. In fact, ask most people to name any city in Finland other than Helsinki and they will be lost for words. But Tampere is …

Those crazy Finns in Finland!

12/05/2011 – 10:27
Wife carrying contest Sonkajärvi

By Emma Bodansky
Throughout the summer Finland plays host to a range of weird and wonderful festivals. From rock to classical, puppet theatre to contemporary dance there is something for everyone.
Then there are the festivals that …

Best Finland Christmas Markets

22/10/2010 – 17:24

By Kate McWilliams
Finland never fails to provide a festive feel during the winter months. The most sparsely populated of the Nordic countries offers the perfect place for visitors to ensure they get into the Christmas …

Baltic Herring Week Hits Helsinki’s Markets and Restaurants

03/10/2010 – 09:57

By Jules Ugo
Baltic herring enthusiasts will get a special treat in Helsinki restaurants during the Baltic Herring Market week from 3rd–10th October. HelsinkiMenu restaurant chefs have created their own special delicacies using Baltic herrings so …

Tampere, Finland – Spies, Sauna, Black Pudding and Tango

11/09/2010 – 08:45

By Rupert Parker
Finland is a huge country with a tiny population of just over five million. It does have more than 180 thousand lakes, however, and as the plane started its descent to Tampere, all …

Visiting Helsinki & Tampere in Finland promises summer joys

20/04/2010 – 14:07

By Kate McWilliams
The snow has melted and Finland emerges once more with a spring in its step. For spring/summer 2010, Finland has a lot to celebrate with a new high speed train soon to be …