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Slovenia – Could this be the perfect DINKY destination?

04/07/2016 – 15:51

By Geoff Moore
What is a DINKY couple’s destination? Is it short haul, long haul, city break, short break or months on the road together? I am not really sure I can define what that should be? But what …

Pure Nature in Slovenia, shaken in a cocktail of adventure!

29/09/2015 – 20:20
Camping Menina and Logarska Valley

By Peter Rosenfeld
In just 2 hours from the UK, often costing less than £90, you can find yourself in Slovenia, mixing with peace-loving, nature-conserving folk living in a scenic paradise and an ambiance reminiscent of …

Try something different this winter; from Scotland to the Alps

14/10/2011 – 16:03

By Allan Halsall
The winter ski season is certainly fast approaching, and with the same selection of ski resorts on offer from many companies across the board, it is understandable why many are not as enthusiastic …

15th May 2011 – Make this International Day for Families count

13/05/2011 – 17:06

By Allan Halsall
Though many of us with families often take each other for granted, with hectic schedules and busy lives it is sometimes difficult to make time for all the family, and to do something …

Join the Revolution! Say “No More” to Rip Off Beach Holidays!

12/05/2011 – 13:54

By Allan Halsall
Recent years have seenn a change in consumer habits, with the biggest factor for this for this being the global recession. This has forced consumers to think wisely about how they can get …

Hook, line and sinker in Slovenia. The 2012 World Fly-fishing Championships.

12/05/2011 – 10:19

By Allan Halsall
The upcoming World Fly-Fishing Championships will provide an opportunity to see your country compete against the best in the world for the chance to become world champions. With the competition scheduled to be …