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Vincent van Gogh inspires in the Dutch city of Den Bosch

07/04/2015 – 15:55

By Stuart Forster
Vincent van Gogh sold only one of his own paintings during his lifetime but since his death, 125 years ago, the artist has proved an inspiration to many people. Thirty of Europe’s leading …

The attractions of Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands

23/09/2013 – 20:32
Contemplating herring

By Karen Bowerman
Anniversaries abound in Amsterdam this year and with so many special events to mark them, what better time to visit? Karen Bowerman suggests a few things to see.
You know about the coffee shops, …

To hub or not to hub? A look at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

25/07/2013 – 10:37

By Peter Rosenfeld
We’ve all been teased recently with rumours regarding Heathrow’s 3rd runway, or was it a brand new airport altogether somewhere way out to the East? Either way, after all the build-up, hype and …

Visiting Breda in the Netherlands – a worthy Dutch alternative

04/12/2012 – 11:03

By Stuart Forster
There’s something beautiful about sitting outside at the table of a Continental terrace cafe on a sunny autumn day. Perhaps the cold air accentuates the warm aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, or …

Rotterdam Philharmonic Gergiev Festival Presents “Sea & You” in Rotterdam, Netherlands

04/07/2012 – 10:11
Gergiev (2)

By Rupert Parker
From 7-15 September, Rotterdam’s Gergiev Festival explores the intensely personal relation between man and the sea using opera, classical concerts and musical happenings.
Rotterdam is the 2nd largest city in the Netherlands and one …

Amsterdam – more than coffee shops and canals

29/11/2011 – 16:05

By Judy Darley
Stepping into Vondelpark just as the shadows began to lengthen, we immediately noticed the atmosphere pervading this city-centre green space. Barbecues sent fragrant clouds into the sky, and as the violinist packed up …

Take a mini-cruise to Amsterdam – it all adds to the experience

22/10/2011 – 13:11
Newcastle,Amsterdam and York 11 094

By Nick Pagan
The first thing that struck me onboard was the sheer variety of types of people; excited kids revelling in the freedom as their parents strolled behind them, couples of all ages holding hands …