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Tunisia Sans Tourists

24/06/2011 – 12:08
Belly dancer1

By Judy Darley
There’s something uniquely fascinating about visiting a country in a time of flux. Ideally you should do this once the smoke has dispersed and the threat of violence is no more than a …

Tunisia Welcomes Back UK Visitors

28/02/2011 – 08:37
Medina Tunis

By Rupert Parker
Now the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) no longer advises against all but essential travel for Tunisia, UK holidaymakers will soon be returning to the North African country.
Although Tunisair has been operating …

Visiting Djerba in Tunisia, the Gateway to the Tunisian Sahara

07/06/2010 – 08:58
Camel Ride across Saharan Dunes

By Stuart Forster
A vague image of a camel caravan plodding over golden desert dunes was all that my mind could conjure up whenever North Africa was mentioned before this, my first trip to Tunisia. Holiday …

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia

04/05/2010 – 17:54
Tunisia - Tamerza Palace Spa

By Stuart Forster
The international renown of top Tunisian spa resorts is growing and luxury treatments are increasingly a factor drawing visitors to Tunisia, a country with a long-established bathing culture. The Roman-era Memmian Baths at …