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Stuart Forster is an experienced travel features writer with a strong background in photography. He spent five years living in India and four in Germany in an effort to gain a better understanding of the cultures of those countries. Stuart is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and can often be found out on the road undertaking new research.

Visiting Breda in the Netherlands – a worthy Dutch alternative

04/12/2012 – 11:03

By Stuart Forster
There’s something beautiful about sitting outside at the table of a Continental terrace cafe on a sunny autumn day. Perhaps the cold air accentuates the warm aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, or …

Visiting Djerba in Tunisia, the Gateway to the Tunisian Sahara

07/06/2010 – 08:58
Camel Ride across Saharan Dunes

By Stuart Forster
A vague image of a camel caravan plodding over golden desert dunes was all that my mind could conjure up whenever North Africa was mentioned before this, my first trip to Tunisia. Holiday …

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia

04/05/2010 – 17:54
Tunisia - Tamerza Palace Spa

By Stuart Forster
The international renown of top Tunisian spa resorts is growing and luxury treatments are increasingly a factor drawing visitors to Tunisia, a country with a long-established bathing culture. The Roman-era Memmian Baths at …

India, The Golden Chariot – Karnataka’s Luxury Train

27/04/2010 – 19:55

By Stuart Forster
The Golden Chariot is, unashamedly, south India’s answer to the Golden Triangle’s Palace on Wheels; a luxury train which transports tourists in five-star comfort, between sites of cultural and historic interest. Every Monday …