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Stuart Forster is an experienced travel features writer with a strong background in photography. He spent five years living in India and four in Germany in an effort to gain a better understanding of the cultures of those countries. Stuart is a member of the British Guild of Travel Writers and can often be found out on the road undertaking new research.

Interlaken – Switzerland’s Romantic and Active Getaway

03/03/2017 – 13:47
A little piece of mountain scenery made in Swiss chocolate

By Stuart Forster
Is there anything more romantic than sharing a cheese fondue while sitting by an open fireplace in a Swiss chalet? If that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat you’ll find plenty …

Journey to Heart’s Content in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

21/08/2016 – 18:30
A puffin in flight - seen during a boat tour

By Stuart Forster
Looking for a romantic break together? Some couples travel until they’ve had their fill of each other but why not journey side by side to Heart’s Content in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada?
Many travellers …

A scenic driving holiday in Germany

25/08/2015 – 13:49
Sign celebrating the UNESCO World Heritage Site statue of the Limes by the gate of the reconstructed Roman fort at Saalburg near Bad Homburg, Germany. It was part of the Limes (Limes Germanicus or the Germanic frontier), a series of obstacles and fortifications that marked the limit of the Roman Empire in German lands.

By Stuart Forster
Would you consider a driving holiday with your partner? If so, how about taking to the roads of Germany, which has more than 150 themed scenic routes?
You can follow routes swinging past the …

The Wild West at La Reata Ranch, Saskatchewan, Canada

11/06/2015 – 13:39

By Stuart Forster
When it comes to cowboys and ranching I usually think of the USA rather than Canada. However, a little more than 100 miles north of the 49th Parallel, the border between the two, …

Five star camping in Sommières, France

11/06/2015 – 10:55
A sign for the massage facilities

By Stuart Forster
Let’s face it, going camping isn’t everyone’s idea of the ideal vacation. Some couples would rather choose to spend time apart rather than endure time together in a tent. That said, they probably …

Vincent van Gogh inspires in the Dutch city of Den Bosch

07/04/2015 – 15:55

By Stuart Forster
Vincent van Gogh sold only one of his own paintings during his lifetime but since his death, 125 years ago, the artist has proved an inspiration to many people. Thirty of Europe’s leading …

Visiting Bangladesh as a couple? Now a real destination possibility

20/04/2014 – 07:25

By Stuart Forster
Bangladesh is not a nation that normally stands high on the bucket wish list of couples looking to travel the globe. On a recent trip there I visited a cross-section of destinations across …

Hamburg – Nightlife and clubbing

28/03/2013 – 16:43

By Stuart Forster
Hamburg has long been regarded as a city that offers much for lovers of nightlife and music. In recent years the city’s St Pauli district, once one of Europe’s most infamous red light …