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Explore Andalusia in real Spain for an alternative adventure

08/02/2012 – 17:41

By Emma Dance
We headed inland, leaving behind us the palm trees and sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol. Soon the streetscape of high rise hotels and tourist-packed bars gave way to the rugged Andalusian …

Discover Sherlock Holmes from London boutique hotel 10 Manchester Street

02/01/2012 – 18:08
The lounge bar at 10 Manchester Street

By Emma Dance
With a new television series getting rave reviews, and a second film bringing in the dollars at the box office Sherlock Holmes is very much the hero of the hour. And if you …

Anyone for White Truffles in Sant’Agata Feltria – Emilia Romagna region of Italy

24/11/2011 – 11:07

By Emma Dance
The scent of truffles was heavy in the air. It is a pungent smell, slightly reminiscent of sweaty locker rooms, an aroma that is far less pleasant than  the subtle earthy flavour of …

From mojitos to museums – Miami has it all

23/10/2011 – 18:10

By Emma Dance
Miami has had a bit of bad press over the years. TV shows such as Miami Vice, and more recently CSI Miami, have painted the city as a grimy, crime-ridden den of iniquity. …

Experience the Finnish lifestyle in Tampere

05/09/2011 – 19:11

By Emma Dance
You’ve probably never heard of Tampere. Most people haven’t. In fact, ask most people to name any city in Finland other than Helsinki and they will be lost for words. But Tampere is …

Eccleston Square Hotel, London – Sleep, Romance or Gadget?

23/08/2011 – 09:37

By Emma Dance
Eccleston Square is a hotel that you can take your boyfriend/husband to and be sure that he won’t complain. The only thing is that there’s so many gadgets that you might not be …