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A breeze in Belize – Part 3

24/03/2010 – 15:13

By Rupert Parker
Mayan Cave Adventure
I left Belize City on a “chicken bus” bound for the highlands.  On the radio, the President was giving his Independence Day address and his theme was peace and love.  He …

A breeze in Belize – Part 2

21/03/2010 – 20:12

By Rupert Parker – Part 2 of a series
Caribbean Barrier Reef
What most people come to Belize for are the Cays, coral islands that run the 150 mile length of the country, rivaling Australia’s Great Barrier …

A breeze in Belize – Part 1

20/03/2010 – 19:50

By Rupert Parker – Part 1 of a series
Belize City
Belize wasn’t top of my list of countries to visit but I had to get out of Cancun, an ersatz Vegas on Sea without the gambling.  …