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Lose yourselves in refuge at the Rhino River Camp, Kenya, Africa

25/08/2011 – 08:39
For use by Rhino River Camp for Marketing purposes only. All other rights with written permission only.

By Katie Hamilton
When all you crave is the company of your loved one and nothing else, after an overload of friends and relatives and wedding plans, Rhino River Camp offers the ultimate cathartic escape. Fresh-faced …

Intimate Privacy that Money Doesn’t Buy at Azura, Mozambique

27/07/2011 – 10:51
Beach Villa view

By Katie Hamilton
Tucked away in a quiet corner of paradise, with a dazzling beach to its front and dense bush concealing it from behind, Azura’s brand-new Beach Villa offers its guests all the trademark Azura …

Family Time Royal Zambezi Style

30/06/2011 – 17:40
Elephant in front of mess

By Katie Hamilton
Going abroad for a holiday together can be one of the most rewarding ways to spend time as a family. However, it is also a notoriously rare occurrence for them to go smoothly. …

Rhino River Camp opens eco boutique lodge in Meru National Park, Kenya.

14/04/2011 – 17:15
Rhino River Camp, Kenya

By Katie Hamilton
Rhino River Camp is a new exclusive eco boutique safari lodge located in Kenya’s stunning Meru National Park where the legend of Elsa, the Born Free lioness began. It comprises of five beautiful …

Coral Lodge, Mozambique, launches treasure filled children’s programme

17/08/2010 – 14:59
Coral Lodge villa

By Katie Hamilton
Newly opened Coral Lodge 15.41 in Northern Mozambique has just launched a children’s programme with such exciting adventures that even the adults will be jealous! The locals in the surrounding villages recently found …